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Yet another record making week – The bull market of the March 2020 crash has already notched a number of records that history students will study for years to come. This past week only added to the story with focus on retail investors rattling seasoned hedge fund professionals with eye-popping short squeezes. For those of...

Market Chop Can Provide Good Entry, Watching CAT

Watch for Cyclicals bottoming for sign of new up cycle

You have to be impressed by the persuasive power of price movement on sentiment and headlines. I’m obviously just a bit biased, but the sudden reversal from bearish to bullish headlines only reinforces the importance of including technical analysis in one’s investment process. Why? Well, despite the short-term wiggles that...

CAT Has More Lives; Shares Could Make a Comeback

-Stock Near 52-week low; investors hate it but that’s the opportunity -Rebounding global growth in 2020 should expand P/E, boost shares sharply -Lower interest rates and weak USD a potential tailwind Caterpillar is the poster child for companies damaged by the new tariff regime introduced by President Donald Trump. It’s...

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