• Daily Technical Strategy
Fri November 5, 2021

Technical Strategy Video (Recorded Friday, November 5th): https://vimeo. com/642859920/52b4b374df Trends growing stretched with RSI on daily and weekly above 70; Yet, no evidence of any exhaustion or trend reversal, and it remains correct to favor more upsideAirlines and Casinos are finally starting to participate...

Biggest S&P Reversal since February- What’s Next?

Hotels, Timeshares Have Ability to Comply with 6-Feet Rule

There are several new COVID-19 developments lately, such as a surge in reported cases in California, but I am focusing this note on the hard-hit travel sector because that’s where I think there could be some opportunities for investors. These are among the 'operating leverage' and epi-center stocks we think...

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