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While Congress was out of session this week for the Memorial Day break, talks between the White House and Senate Republicans on infrastructure continued. Both sides appear to be moving towards a price tag of $1T, but the stumbling block to an agreement may be how to pay for the programs. West Virginia Senator Shelley...

Infrastructure, Budget, and Reconciliation
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Aug 2, 2019

Budget deal approved; US-China Trade Tensions Worsen with One Trump Tweet

Well, they did it. The House and Senate have finally given approval to the two-year budget and debt ceiling bill. It’s now in the President’s hands for his signature while the legislature is on holiday until Labor Day. The budget and debt deal removes the threat of a government default...

Congress Heads Home, Budget and Infrastructure Wait

There is an old saying in Washington that the nation is safer when Congress is not in session, so next week as Congress is gone for the Memorial Day holiday we can all sleep better knowing that Congress is out of DC. The Senate will only take one week off...

Biden’s Budget And Infrastructure Welcomes Congress Back

After the Easter/Passover break Congress returns next week with the legislative focus on President Biden’s proposed budget, and the continuing discussion of a large infrastructure bill. On Friday the Biden Administration released the outline of its budget recommendations. Democrats have long complained that too much federal spending was going towards...

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Dec 6, 2019

U.S.-China Tariff, Budget Resolution Deadlines Loom

It appears that ebb and flow of the U.S.-China trade talks continues to be the issue which markets focus on, while investors largely ignore the back and forth on the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump by the House of Representatives. Impeachment seems to be a side show for markets,...

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Nov 15, 2019

Congress Expected to Pass Temporary Budget by Nov. 21

Thursday, November 21, is the deadline for Congress to pass legislation to ensure that there is no government shutdown. It is widely expected that Congress will pass another Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep funding at current spending levels. As is often the case in Washington under President Trump, there is...

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Oct 18, 2019

Impeachment House Distraction May be Good News for Trump

The potential impeachment of President Donald Trump and the ongoing military conflict in Syria continue to dominate the headlines, with little else able to generate interest. Ironically, this could be good news for the President, as the Democrats’ 2018 gains were due to Americans’ concern with health insurance, prescription drugs, and climate change. But these […]

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Jul 5, 2019

DC Forecast: Rising Temps and Hot Tempers

The U.S. Congress returns next week from its July 4th holiday break, and representatives then have only three weeks before they leave Washington again for the traditional August recess. Nice work if you can get it. This abbreviated schedule leaves just over 30 legislative days for the Democrats in the...

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May 24, 2019

As Summer Begins, Debt Ceiling, Budget Issues Loom

In the coming weeks and months, the highest priority for Congress and the Trump Administration will be to find a resolution to the stalemate on the U.S. debt ceiling, which was hit last March. Congress and the Administration must break the impasse by raising the ceiling before about August or...

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