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Wed June 29, 2022

The SPX showed just minor downside follow-through after Tuesday’s reversal but might not immediately weaken down to prior lows ahead of the US July 4th holiday.   As mentioned, prices reversed on cue Tuesday due to a combination of Elliott-wave analysis with Gann analysis which provided...

Why Bitcoin likely bottoms out in July
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Wed June 15, 2022

Crypto Chat: Is this the bottom for bitcoin and ethereum?

As crypto investors look to capitalize on recent price drops in $BTC and $ETH, many are asking, "Is this the bottom or are we going lower?" Mark Newton, Head of Technical Strategy at FSInsight, provides a timely technical analysis for both bitcoin and ethereum. CRYPTO WEEKLY: THE TIDE PULLING OUT...

  • First Word
Wed June 1, 2022

Recent cadence of data shows inflation risks cooling = half-full arguments gaining traction. TA Newton believes Bitcoin has bottomed = good for equities

The White House and Fed met Tuesday and this is the first meeting since Powell was re-confirmed. The takeaways from this meeting are not entirely surprising and President Biden noted that he will give the Fed the necessary independence to fight inflation.per Biden "I agree with their assessment that fighting...

  • Crypto Weekly
Fri April 29, 2022

Crab Season

WEEKLY RECAP This week’s price action left much to be desired by those trading in either direction as most major cryptoassets continued to exhibit sideways price action. After briefly falling below $38k on Tuesday, $BTC found a bid and has since recovered, sitting around $40k at the time of writing....

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Thu April 14, 2022

Valuing Bitcoin - Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Host: Jan Van Eck. Brian Estes, Tom Lee, Mike Belshe ($BTC)

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Tue April 12, 2022

Crypto Chat: 2022 Bitcoin Conference Recap

The FSInsight digital assets team provides a recap of the 2022 Bitcoin ($BTC) Conference in Miami Beach! Highlights from Tom Lee on the Nakamoto Main Stage, our media guru Carrie Presley explores the expo, and our digital asset strategists Sean Farrell & Walter Teng provide their takeaways from the conference....

  • Deep Research
Tue March 8, 2022

Swan Bitcoin: The Case for a Bitcoin-only Focus

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe digital assets space has witnessed a Cambrian explosion of alternative crypto networks over the past few years, with many projects experimenting on concepts pioneered by Bitcoin. Despite the new options for crypto investors, we believe Bitcoin remains differentiated as the only sound monetary cryptoasset due to its unique...

  • Crypto Weekly
Thu January 27, 2022

FOMC Aftermath

On Wednesday, the Fed reiterated intentions to further reduce bond purchases in February and ultimately cease bond-buying in March, with rate increases to follow sometime thereafter.Bitcoin’s correlation with tech stocks during this drawdown is characteristically different from 2018 and suggests that we are not headed for a similar crypto winter.GBTC...

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Thu January 13, 2022

It's All Relative

On Wednesday, the global crypto market experienced some partial relief as the Labor Department released a December CPI figure that met analyst expectations. Consumer prices increased 7.0% over the prior 12 months, up 0.5% from last month.Funding rates in the perpetual futures market turned negative leading up to the CPI...

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Tue November 9, 2021

Crypto Chat: As Bitcoin hits ATHs, what’s happening to Bitcoin supply?

Will McEvoy, Digital Asset Strategy Senior Associate, sheds light on Bitcoin supply coming off the recent Bitcoin all-time highs. RESEARCH: INTO THE ETHER

  • Daily Technical Strategy
Mon November 8, 2021

Cannabis Stocks look right to favor for bounce into 2022; Bitcoin breaks out again

Technical Strategy Video (Recorded Monday, November 8th): https://vimeo. com/643696550/7e4e214d56 Equity indices still showing no evidence of reversal; However, breadth has been flat lately and VIX higher by 14% over the last three trading sessions. Until evidence of Tech, Financials and Healthcare turn lower, it’s right to still favor additional...

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