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After bottoming on bad news a week ago, Bitcoin and crypto had been rallying heading into yesterday’s Fed meeting, but crypto markets fell slightly alongside other major asset classes following the Fed policy statement, and have remained roughly flat this morning. Source: Fundstrat, Bloomberg The Federal Reserve spooked some market participants with its commentary around...

What the Fed, inflation, tapering & rising rates could mean for the price of Bitcoin

Thoughts from on the ground at the Bitcoin Miami Conference

Crypto markets have remained relatively quiet (although Elon Musk hasn’t) and stable this week. Last week, we wrote several notes about why we thought the market may have found a bottom due to the massive deleveraging, that a falling BTC VIX is indicating peak fear fading, and how news getting...

Bitcoin rises despite "bad news" --> further evidence Bitcoin bottom is in

STRATEGY: Markets typically bottom on “bad news”As the US Memorial Day weekend comes to a close, we wanted to close the loop on Bitcoin, particularly before US financial markets open on Tuesday morning. This past Friday (5/28), we issued an INTRADAY WORD to our clients at 6:50pm, with our view that...

Unpopular opinion --> We expect stable/rising prices. Setup for Bitcoin and crypto is "less bad" into the weekend = good.

STRATEGY: Crypto De-leveraging unlikely this weekend = stable/up pricesFor the past two weekends, Crypto and bitcoin prices tanked with regulatory crackdowns by China being the primary downside catalyst. And because crypto is so visible and potentially linked to equities, these sell-offs put many investors on edge.   However, in a break of the...

VIX + Bitcoin = more of a risk on day than it appears

STRATEGY: VIX barely surged… meh.  Bitcoin = leading indicator? >50% it bottomedI am to share some unstructured market commentary today.  Today is one of the days where it is apparent that the linkage between Bitcoin + digital assets and financial markets increased significantly over the past year.  And given the...

Bitcoin correction may be painful, but here are 9 signs the market is too bearish, and we’re close to a bottom

In our crypto note to clients last Wednesday, we highlighted that this sell-off could set Bitcoin up for a new all-time high. But we also pointed out that we thought the “market may need to get a little more bearish first.” Bitcoin has since moved about 15% lower from $50k to near $42k today. It’s […]

Is Bitcoin really bad for the environment and could Tesla be about to make it “greener”? Either way, this may be the sell-off that sets Bitcoin up for new all-time highs

Crypto selling off on news Tesla will stop accepting Bitcoin for payments due to environmental concerns We think the news is overblown and wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla is signaling plans to make crypto “greener” Bitcoin has been consolidating for months as market dominance has been falling but this sell-off...

Crypto Strategy: Bitcoin $100k target intact; corporate buyers offer surprise catalyst; Ethereum growing into our $10k target; crypto market on pace to hit $5T

In this week’s crypto strategy note we discuss: Bitcoin rebounding from a healthy cooling off period last week as the macro backdrop remains accommodative & bull market remains intact Even if Facebook didn’t buy Bitcoin, corporates are coming, and it may not be reflected in earnings announcements yet Remaining overweight...

  • Crypto Blast
Dec 30, 2020

CRYPTO BLAST (Grider): Raising Outlook $40K: Bitcoin Reaches Target But Upside Remains

For the full copy of this report in PDF format, click this link. Crypto investors received a late Christmas present with the price of Bitcoin reaching new all-time highs early this morning briefly touching $28,580. Bitcoin has risen by 75% since our last upward price target revision and now sits...

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