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October 19

Crypto Chat: What is "Bitcoin Dominance" and what can we gather from this metric?

"Bitcoin Dominance" has been mentioned repeatedly in FSInsight's daily and weekly crypto reports, with “Bitcoin Dominates” as the title of our most recent FSInsight Crypto Weekly Report.  RESEARCH: BITCOIN DOMINATES Will McEvoy, FSInsight Research Associate,  provides insight on Bitcoin dominance and the implications within the crypto market.

2 reasons Bitcoin ETF approval drives further upside in Bitcoin and crypto prices.

Is new Bitcoin equilibrium price >$168,000? It looks like the first Bitcoin ETF will finally be approved for trading in the US.  This product, offered by ProShares, will use CME futures instead of acquiring and holding actual bitcoin.  This is an important distinction, but from the perspective of the impact...

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September 14

Crypto Chat: El Salvador & Bitcoin Update (September 8, 2021)

El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in June 2021 and the official rollout took place this week on September 7, 2021. Armando Aguilar, FSInsight’s VP of Digital Assets, provides insight on “how it started and how it’s going” with Bitcoin in El Salvador. *Recorded September 8, 2021

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September 7

Crypto Chat: Why Are Corporations Buying NFTs?

Recently, corporations are getting in on the NFT action with Budweiser purchasing beer. eth and Visa swiping up a CryptoPunk in the last week. Will McEvoy provides insight with Carrie Presley on the recent purchases and why corporations might be buying NFTs.

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August 31

Crypto Chat: How is supply boosting Bitcoin price?

Price is a function of supply and demand. It was mentioned in this week’s FSI Crypto Weekly (August 25, 2021) that the Bitcoin price has received a boost from the supply side of the equation. Sean Farrell, VP of Digital Assets, provides insight and clarifies the chart featured in the...

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August 23

Crypto Chat: What is Bitcoin SOPR & why does it look bullish?

The Bitcoin SOPR was recently referenced in the FSInsight Crypto Daily (August 4, 2021). What is the Bitcoin SOPR and what should we be looking for? Will McEvoy, FSInsight’s Crypto Research Associate, meets with Carrie to chat SOPR and if the recent changes look bullish or bearish for Bitcoin. *Recorded...

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August 19

Crypto Chat: How is Bitcoin used in El Salvador?

Armando Aguilar, VP of Digital Assets at FSInsight, explains how Bitcoin is being used in El Salvador. Recently, El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, but is the payment infrastructure ready? What type of crypto wallet do citizens need? *Recorded August 11, 2021

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August 17

Crypto Chat: What is the Stablecoin Supply Ratio (SSR)?

Will McEvoy contributes to FSInsight’s Crypto Weekly research, most recently reporting on stablecoins and how the Stablecoin Supply Ratio (SSR) provides insight into the digital asset market. Carrie and Will chat SSR, how it’s calculated and what we can forecast based on historical data.

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August 13

Fireside Chat: Crypto lost the battle in DC, what happens next?

We had the opportunity to meet with Tom Block, FSInsight’s Washington and Policy Strategist, along with Sean Farrell, our VP of Digital Assets. Last week we met to discuss the crypto provision tucked inside the Infrastructure Bill, which loosely defined broker and many saw this as negatively affecting the future...

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