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Sean Farrell

As one might expect, our team holds a long-term bullish view on crypto, and thus believes that over the next decade, simply dollar-cost averaging at opportune times into BTC and ETH will prove to outperform most liquid asset classes. However, to take our research platform to the next level, we would like to offer more services geared towards our cohort of clients and subscribers interested in actively managing their portfolios.

Sean Farrell is the Head of Crypto Strategy at FS Insight. Prior to joining FS Insight, Sean was a manager in the Transaction Opinions group at Alvarez & Marsal, and previously worked as an associate with Anvil Advisors.

What is it?

While our Core Strategy targets exceptional returns, we acknowledge the allure of long-tail investments for many crypto investors. Liquid Ventures is tailored to meet this interest. Our research team focuses on identifying unique, high-risk opportunities within the crypto ecosystem, with special attention to early-stage, small-cap, or notably undervalued tokens. Our aim is to spotlight crypto projects that show promise for substantial growth over at least a 12-month period. Although we are unable to provide specific recommendations for position sizing, we consider these opportunities as meriting a smaller allocation within your overall crypto portfolio. This strategy is designed to pursue power-law-like returns. It's anticipated that while some investments may underperform, others have the potential to deliver significant returns, thereby making a substantial impact on the overall performance of your portfolio.

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