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SFN Review – The Companies That Caught Our Attention the Most Frequently Last Year

The first Signal From Noise of 2024 finds us repeating our commitment to providing readers with a big-picture view of the markets as seen from Fundstrat’s evidence-based approach to investment research. Throughout 2023, in 26 issues published every other Thursday, the Market Intelligence team covered a broad range of topics, including specific industries, demographic and technological trends, geopolitical events, public health, government initiatives, and more. Frequently, we included brief discussions of specific companies, mentioning stocks that might be positioned to benefit from the tailwinds being examined and thus worthy of a closer look. 

As we looked back at the 149 different companies mentioned in Signal in 2023, nine companies were mentioned in three or more issues. In descending order, they are:

  • Microsoft ($MSFT) – mentioned 7 times
  • Alphabet  ($GOOG) – 7 times
  • IBM ($IBM) – 6 times
  • Nvidia ($NVDA) – 5 times
  • Apple ($AAPL) – 4 times 
  • AMD ($AMD) – 3 times
  • Amazon ($AMZN) – 3 times
  • Siemens ($SIEGY) – 3 times
  • Tesla ($TSLA) – 3 times
Each of these was an S&P 500 company, and with the exception of IBM, each outperformed the index in 2023 (returns calculated by excluding dividends and comparing closing pri...

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