COVID-19 UPDATE: Vaccinations reach 8.5 million, 2X vs week ago. CA woefully behind. Mondays have been the worst day of the week for the past two months.

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STRATEGY: 6 of the past 7 Mondays, S&P 500 has been down...
The CDC only provides vaccination data 5 days a week, so Monday reported figure is actually for 3 days worth.  So it can be "lumpy" if one is watching the reported daily figures.  Still, the pace of vaccinations in the US continues to surge. 

- 8.5 million Americans have received a vaccination
- a week ago, 4.3 million, so 2X in 1 week
- still, you can see the pace is really ramping up sharply.
- we expect US to reach 1 million per day this week

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Source: CDC and Fundstrat

US vaccinating at 3X the rate of confirmed cases = getting ahead of the curve...
We have plotted the vaccinations vs confirmed cases ratio and you can see this has ramped up to 3X currently.  
- at 1 million per day, this would be ~5X
- at 5X, the US is vaccinating faster than "estimated infections"

Thus, the good news is the US is now getting ahead of the curve on vaccinations.

The video in this report is only accessible to members
Source: CDC and FundstratWeekly % of the population vaccinated by states... Nebraska could reach 30% of the population by MarchAt the state level, we also calculated the weekly pace...

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