COVID-19 UPDATE: CA backlog pollute data for the next few weeks but case trends still down... 9 reasons the coming "epicenter" rally could dwarf the May-June rally of 30%

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We finally have power and internet back at my house yesterday evening.  I live in an area hit hard by Tropical Storm Isaias and I have been without high-speed internet since last Wednesday.  And our head of data science, tireless Ken, only got his power back on Monday morning.  Both of us have been doing a lot of improvising and I wrote our commentaries since Thursday (last week) from the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts (which has GREAT INTERNET SPEEDS!)

Biden has picked Kamala Harris as his VP.  Tom Block, our head of Policy Strategy, has been calling for this nomination for some time, so great call, Tom Block.  But he also notes that the VP rarely makes a difference.  In fact, at JPMorgan, he told me that people can never remember the VP of the losing ticket.  Who was John Kerry's VP???

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Given the widespread prevalence of COVID-19 in the US, the best case scenario is for cases to peak now, fall 90% by September, and then not resurge in the Fall (back to school and flu season).  Of course, the best case COVID-19 scenario would have been for this never to happen.  But for COVID-19 to fade in this manner, one of three things need to happen: - cure or vaccine developed- communities reach herd immunity at ...

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