COVID-19 UPDATE: AZ converging to CT = good. Dr. Fauci reiterates vaccine possibly by early 2021 -- binary for markets and massive cyclical rotation. 28 "trifecta" epicenter stocks.

Wednesday is the start of 3Q2020 and marks the halfway point for 2020.  And compared to the state of the World at the end of March (1Q2020), I am thankful for the progress humanity has made against COVID-19.  The collective tragedy is staggering with total worldwide cases >10.5 million (rising 150k/day) and attributed deaths >500,000.  COVID-19 case growth in the US is, unfortunately not contained, which we have attributed to a combination of three factors:

- nationwide protests taking place in >350 cities for >4 weeks now -- 10,000X super spreader events
- surging imported cases from Mexico/Latin America and evidenced by the fact the massive US outbreaks are taking place at the Southern US border states (even FL)
- somewhat careless compliance as economy re-opened (bars, etc.).

So we do not attribute the surge primarily to re-opening the economy.  But mitigating spread is important.  I realize masks are not a popular topic for many, and while there is some science supporting the use of masks, COVID-19 is a novel disease.  Tom Block, our policy strategist, forwarded an email from Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell.  His statement is a commentary in support of the use of masks.  

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The positive aspect of the past few ...

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