COVID-19 UPDATE: US cases rise again to 33,213 (close to new highs) so "course correction" needed. Houston >51% new cases in TX, further aligning with BLM protests behind the surge.

COVID-19 cases are rising and Tuesday's 33,213 cases (+6,468 vs 1D ago) is a sizable jump and the 6 states with daily case counts are all reporting increases today and the daily tally is not far from the 4/20/2020 high of 35,754.  This is certainly not a positive trend but while cases are near the prior high, daily hospitalizations (gross for the 33 states) is +1,139 (-77%) and daily deaths are 789 (-71%).  So, the severity of these incremental cases is not the same as what was seen in April.  This raises many questions but the most important is the policy direction.  Given the surge in COVID-19 cases, states and the US need to mitigate transmission -- aka, course correction. Below is an ad-hoc list of measures: - Improve contact trace ("vogue" but failing in USA)- Enforce social distance- Isolate the vulnerable (Old and those with co-morbidity)- Require masks (VERY UNPOPULAR) - Require sanitization measures- Close rogue establishments- Monitor waste (fecal testing works, see our prior commentary)- Close state borders- Close international borders- Rollback / Re-close the state (ABSOLUTELY LAST RESORT)The last resort is likely to reinstate shelter at home.  States continue to take enforcement measures.  Texas on Tuesday imposed tempora...

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