COVID-19 UPDATE. County data shows major deceleration of daily case growth across USA. Plus, another study shows temperature variance impact disease transmission.

We realize there are many people interested in keeping up with developments around COVID-19.  So please feel free to share this email to any interested parties.  We are praying for an end to this pandemic. Today (Wed), the message from both NY (the epicenter) and the White House is that COVID-19 is on track to require to undershoot "peak" utilization of the healthcare system.  This is very critical development, because earlier in this crisis, the risk to the country was an overburdened healthcare system, which would lead to first responders to choose which ones to save and leading to needless deaths.  And the other message remains that NY state does indeed seem to be moving through the apex of the crisis and the other side is flattening of case growth, decreasing hospitalization admissions and eventually a tapering of deaths. NY foremost has been the epicenter of this crisis and still represents 35% of the 435,000 cases in the US.  But, as intensity of the crisis in New York state eases, the key for seeing a decline in overall USA case growth depends upon: - other cities, counties, states to see COVID-19 curves below NY; - local governments need to use best practices to contain spread via testing or social distance; - optimize treatment regimens. Widespread deceleration o...

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