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COVID-19 UPDATE: While COVID-19 cases surge, COVID-19 not yet a "Stage 5 clinger" = good

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To all, I really appreciate all the kind words of encouragement following my ACL surgery.  It turns out that I also had meniscus damage, so my recovery will be longer but I am glad to be on the road to recovery. STRATEGY: "Tape Bombs" pushes S&P 500 into deeply oversold = "when rally"Equity markets on Monday was an old-fashioned blood bath, with the Dow falling nearly 1,000 points at the worst and all sectors declining.  There were a few "tape bombs" fueling this carnage:- fiscal stimulus "clock ran out" and looks more like a December timeframe- COVID-19 cases surged to a new all-time high over the weekend- 2020 Presidential election continues to be one of the most contentious/ mud-slinging in modern times- SAP and other cos reporting 3Q2020 warn of poor visibilitySo there was no shortage of reasons for investors to risk-off.  However, equities are now severely oversold.  And in past setups like this, set the stage for a sustainable bottom.  So what would we catalog as signs of oversold:- VIX surged 18% to  >30- VIX term structure inverted to -2.5 (4M less 1M), usually a sign of markets pricing in near term event risk- S&P 500 4-hour RSI fell below 30 (see below).Sin...

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