COVID-19 UPDATE: Is current US surge of COVID-19 set to peak by end of month? Maybe. IHME revises "second wave" peak daily death forecast to peak at 5,700 vs 12,000 (1M ago)

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STRATEGY: This current surge in COVID-19, "wave 3," might peak by the end of October
COVID-19 has proven itself so contagious and so adaptive, that it is potentially proving to be nearly impossible to contain. Granted, those nations which contained the outbreak early, such as Taiwan and many Southeast Asian nations, or those nations which slammed shut its border, like Australia, have managed to keep COVID-19 at bay.  But the citizens of those countries are not really immune, nor protected.  Rather, they are shielded.

And whatever strategy a nation takes, it is a bridge until there is a cure or a vaccine.  And then we can start to picture a true return to normal.  And by the way, in those nations like Australia, China, Taiwan, etc., life looks very very close to normal.

- Check out this pool party in China from August 2020.
- If this was the NYC, we would see felony charges hammered by NY Gov Cuomo

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Source: South China Morning PostThe spread of COVID-19 in the US has not allowed this to take place in the US.  And US cases are surging again. But while the majority of US states are seeing cases rise, including NY, the rise in many of these states hardly compares to the scourges seen earli...

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