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COVID-19 UPDATE: Retreat of cases is across the entire US. Is solar cycle responsible for global pandemics? Not as crazy as it sounds.

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STRATEGY: Washington in focus this week, DNC and CARES Phase 4...
The trend in daily cases is improving and is falling each day vs 7D ago -- Wednesday's cases came in at 43,553 vs 55,676 7D ago.  But this trend is not entirely clear, because of the daily seasonality of case data.  Because of lab and weekend hours, more cases tend to be reported midweek.  So, this distorts the perception.  Thus, we prefer to compare cases vs 7D ago.  The second is the reporting methodology has shifted away from the CDC to the White House.  While some conspiracists would say this is creating fake numbers, we believe every state would protest if the numbers did not align with their own death and case data.

Source: COVID-19 Tracking Project and Fundstrat Also, daily cases are falling across the US in the same pattern.  Below, we show 3 composites of the 51 US states and territories outside NY tristate (plus MA + RI):- Epicenter, FL, CA, AZ, TX, or F-CAT- 18 states with high prevalence (>12,500 cases per 1mm)- 29 states and territories with low prevalence (<12,500 cases per 1mm)- all based on daily cases per 1mm residentsDon't these charts look identical?  The trend of retreating c...

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