House Expected to Pass COVID-19 Aid Bill Friday

DC Update

The massive Coronavirus Relief Bill can be daunting to review at 883 pages, but here is a good summary put out by Senator Mitch McConnell, one of the principal architects of the program.  If anyone would like a copy of the entire bill, we have it and can send it to you.  

Tomorrow I expect the House to pass the package and send it to the White House for the President to sign.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke Thursday morning and announced that the House will consider the Senate passed Coronavirus Relief Bill Friday.  While the Senate bill passed unanimously there was opposition expressed by Republicans over the provisions that supplements state unemployment benefits with a $600 a week payment for four months.

The Speaker has been told that there may be a few Republican members of the House who plan to be in DC and object to the Senate bill passing the House under a Unanimous Consent agreement.  This has led to the decision to have a regular order meeting of the House tomorrow. The House will have the quorum needed to conduct business, debate the bill and then, with either a voice vote or a roll call vote, pass the bill.

Under the rules of the House there is no procedure like the Senate filibuster, where a minority can hold up legislation with extended debate. As seen with the 96 to 0 vote in favor last night in the Senate, this legislation has broad bipartisan support and will pass the House tomorrow.

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