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FSInsight Virtual Conference: Post Election Roundup and Market Strategy

/watch?v=FaJQEbiVWnE Slide DeckDownload 0:00 — Introductory Remarks3:18 — Tom Lee (10 Reasons for a Year-End Rally)22:02 — Tom Block (US Policy and the Elections)38:21 — David Zion (Tax Rates - Movin' On Up)54:03 — First Q&A Session1:18:36 — Brian Rauscher (Moving Away from the Pandemic, Positioning for a Profit Recovery)1:39:20 — Robert Sluymer (6 Technical Events to Impact Portfolio Performance in 2020-2021)1:53:19 — David Grider (Crypto Thesis, Bitcoin Outlook, Liquid Crypto Asset Investments) 2:09:02 — Q&A Session2:45:17 — Closing Remarks

RealVision Interview: The New Hyper Growth Sector: Crypto

Thomas Lee, managing partner & co-founder of FSinsight, a unit of Fundstrat, joins Ash Bennington, Real Vision senior editor, to discuss the correlation between crypto and traditional markets, Bitcoin’s outperformance of all sectors, and the blurring of lines between banking and technology. Lee describes how he views the crypto asset world overall and how his background in hyper growth sectors, like mobile, has shaped his approach to understanding crypto as an asset class. Filmed on October 21, 2020. Key Learnings: Lee shares valuable insights and charts for crypto, comparing and contrasting its performance to traditional assets over the past several years. This provides an extremely clear understanding of just how much crypto has outperformed other assets. He explains how it has been received by institutional investors and their view of the asset class. As a veteran technology analyst, Lee breaks down crypto to its fundamental components as technology and shares useful analogies to help understand it and how it compares to previous hyper growth industries.

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