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Mon June 28, 2021

In our Friday note, we reiterated our long and medium term bullish view on crypto from our Mid-Year 2021 Crypto Outlook call last Wednesday, but discussed how markets could see some weekend volatility and a little protection to manage risk might not hurt. Crypto markets...

Bitcoin Holding $30k During Weekend Sell-Off & Rallying After U.K Regulatory Actions is an Encouraging Change in Market Reaction to Bad News
  • Crypto Blast
Fri June 25, 2021

Crypto prices could be volatile over the weekend and taking off some risk or buying some protection might not hurt

As our clients know, we are long term bullish on crypto. As recent as this Wednesday, we held our Mid-Year 2021 Crypto Outlook call and discussed macro factors that lean towards medium term bullishness as well. But, over the coming weekend, we might be inclined to take some risk off...

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Mon May 24, 2021

Massively deleveraged market sees big bounce; Elon Musk & Michael Saylor making Bitcoin "greener" bodes well for ESG narrative and institutional adoption

We’re writing a bit more often as of late given the recent market volatility. In our blast yesterday, we highlighted how forced liquidations may be coming to an end and asked if we could see a short-term bounce on seller exhaustion – today that’s what we got. Crypto bounced massively...

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Sun May 23, 2021

Are forced liquidations nearing an end?

It’s been a scary last two weeks in crypto markets.  We’ve seen crypto come under criticism from the billionaire Elon Musk, the Chinese national government, and now even top religious institutions with comments form the Pope.  As a result we’ve seen normal mid market cycle selling pressure intensify to cause...

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Mon May 17, 2021

Bitcoin correction may be painful, but here are 9 signs the market is too bearish, and we’re close to a bottom

In our crypto note to clients last Wednesday, we highlighted that this sell-off could set Bitcoin up for a new all-time high. But we also pointed out that we thought the “market may need to get a little more bearish first.” Bitcoin has since moved about 15% lower from $50k...

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Thu May 13, 2021

Is Bitcoin really bad for the environment and could Tesla be about to make it “greener”? Either way, this may be the sell-off that sets Bitcoin up for new all-time highs

Bitcoin sold off sharply today and broke below $50k after news that Tesla would stop accepting it for payments. Source: Fundstrat, Tradingview The headline likely shocked many crypto investors looking for greater crypto adoption, especially coming from Tesla CEO Elon Musk who has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and...

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Mon April 19, 2021

FLASH: Bitcoin healthy cool off over weekend resets margin leverage but does not signal end of bull market as “Dogecoin” retail traders are now entering the market

Bitcoin made new ATHs last Wednesday as investors piled in ahead of the Coinbase IPO. As we mentioned in our note last Friday (click this link), we thought a “crypto cooling off would be heathy” – and that’s what we got over the weekend. Source: FSInsight, Glassnode FUTURES OPEN INTEREST...

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Wed February 17, 2021

Diamond Standard: The First Blockchain-Enabled Diamond Commodity

Disclosure: Diamond Standard is a paid consulting client of Fundstrat Diamond Standard Co. is the creator of the world’s first regulator-approved diamond commodity, the Diamond Standard Coin. The physical diamond commodity with its blockchain-enabled digital token representation is an innovative new asset that we have been following with interest. As...

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Tue February 2, 2021

FSInsight Exclusive Interview with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

Mayor Francis Suarez has been a strong advocate for technological innovation within Miami and has recently embraced leaders and innovators within the crypto industry. LEEOR SHIMRON: Mayor Suarez, it is great to meet you. MAYOR FRANCIS SUAREZ: Great to meet you too. LEEOR SHIMRON: Let’s jump right in. You've been...

  • Crypto Blast
Thu January 14, 2021

Big Tech's De-platforming Binge Highlights The Need For Web 3.0

Following the U.S. Capital riot last week, Big Tech coordinated the de-platforming of President Trump. Twitter followed suit by suspending 70,000 accounts associated with the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory group. Parler, the social media platform billing itself as a “free-speech paradise” was the next target as Apple and Google banned...

  • Crypto Blast
Tue January 5, 2021

OCC Greenlights Bank Stablecoins: Opens TAM of ~200B Annual Public Blockchain Transactions = Good For Crypto

For a full copy of this report in PDF format, click this link. Yesterday afternoon, the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) issued interpretive guidance clarifying that federally chartered banks may participate in independent node verification networks (INVN i.e., public blockchains/crypto networks) and use stablecoins for payment...

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