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Over the past two weeks, we have seen the bear markets bringing out the worst in digital asset markets. While 3AC exemplified the opacity of CeFi dealings, not all DeFi protocols are transparent and immutable, despite users self-custodying their own funds.  We attempt to define...

Crypto Chat: CeFi, DeFi, and now… CeDeFi?
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Crypto Chat: Is this the bottom for bitcoin and ethereum?

As crypto investors look to capitalize on recent price drops in bitcoin and ethereum, many are asking, "Is this the bottom or are we going lower?" Mark Newton, Head of Technical Strategy at FSInsight, provides a timely technical analysis for both bitcoin and ethereum. CRYPTO WEEKLY: THE TIDE PULLING OUT...

Crypto Chat: A key Ethereum Merge milestone takes place this week, what it means for Ethereum and future price action

As Ethereum moves from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), there are key milestones along the development timeline. Sean Farrell, Head of Digital Asset Strategy, provides an overview of the milestone taking place this week and what it could mean for future price action. CRYPTO WEEKLY: ZOOMING OUT

Crypto Chat: VC funding in the digital assets space has dropped more than 50% week over week, with the trend continuing, but why are they pumping the brakes?

Will McEvoy provides insight on what’s behind the recent decline in venture capital funding in the digital assets space. CRYPTO FUNDING FRIDAYS: BACKING FUNDS IS THE NEW HOLDING CASH

Crypto Chat: Terra's UST stablecoin unraveled last week and the entire crypto market was shaken up, now what?

Last week Terra’s UST took a drastic plunge, losing its dollar peg, shaking up the crypto market, and the incident exposed the weakness of algorithmic stablecoins.  Walter Teng & Carrie Presley discuss the Terra Luna ecosystem, including recent developments from Do Kwon, co-founder of Terra Luna blockchain. CRYPTO WEEKLY: THE...

Crypto Market Update from Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell, Head of Digital Asset Strategy, provides an update on the historical week in crypto. CRYPTO WEEKLY REPORT: THE UST UNWIND AND ITS IMPLICATIONS

Crypto Chat: What's the latest in crypto and are you still bullish as we approach 2H2022?

Sean Farrell, Head of Digital Asset Strategy, provides insights on the current state of the crypto market, along with headwinds and tailwinds to watch as we approach the second half of 2022. CRYPTO WEEKLY: CRAB SEASON

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Valuing Bitcoin - Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Host: Jan Van Eck. Brian Estes, Tom Lee, Mike Belshe

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Crypto Chat: 2022 Bitcoin Conference Recap

The FSInsight digital assets team provides a recap of the 2022 Bitcoin Conference in Miami Beach! Highlights from Tom Lee on the Nakamoto Main Stage, our media guru Carrie Presley explores the expo, and our digital asset strategists Sean Farrell & Walter Teng provide their takeaways from the conference. CRYPTO...

Crypto Chat: “Upril” and the outlook for digital assets into April 2022

Jack Runge, Digital Asset Strategy Associate, explains the term “Upril” and what we can glean from historical crypto price action in April. CRYPTO WEEKLY: LFG

Crypto Chat: The Anchor Protocol’s 19% earn rate, is it too good to be true?

Walter Teng, Digital Asset Strategy Associate, recently reported an overview of the Anchor Protocol in our DeFi Digest publication, noting a 19.5% earn rate. Walter provides a brief overview of the protocol and what’s shifted in the last few days. DEFI DIGEST: ANCHOR PROTOCOL