Swan Advisor Services Introduction - July 2022

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

2:00PM ET

Swan Advisor Services provides a comprehensive bitcoin investment platform for financial advisors –accompanied by educational content and an expert client service team to support advisors from initial onboarding through rebalancing and billing.

Swan Advisor Services Introduction - July 2022

Key Topics

- Why Bitcoin?
- Introduction of Swan Advisor Services
- Q&A with Andy Edstrom, CFA

Panel of Speakers

Tom Lee

Sean Farrell AC

Head of Crypto Strategy

Sean Farrell is the Head of Crypto Strategy at FS Insight. Prior to joining FS Insight, Sean was a manager in the Transaction Opinions group at Alvarez & Marsal, and previously worked as an associate with Anvil Advisors.

Tom Lee

Andy Edstrom

Managing Director of Swan Advisor Services

Andy is the author of Why Buy Bitcoin, the first and only Bitcoin book published by a financial advisor.

Tom Lee

Cory Klippsten

CEO & Founder of Swan Bitcoin

Experienced with supporting over $250M of fundraising since 2016, and as an angel has funded over 20 early-stage startups.