Bitcoin Makes New All-Time High, NIM Network Submits First RollApp Proposal

Mar 5, 2024
Market Update In a volatile day, $BTC (-4.51%) has made a new all-time high, briefly surpassing $69k before retracing to the low $65k range. $ETH (+1.55%) is showing strength, trading around $3.7k as attention may shift towards Ethereum and related names ahead of the Dencun upgrade next week. Layer-2 tokens support that notion, as $OP and $ARB are outperforming today, gaining 13.46% and 4.44%, respectively. Some of the meme-mania has subsided, with $DOGE, $PEPE, and $BONK showing more pronounced losses, all dropping more than 8% today. Traditional markets are similarly struggling today, with the SPY falling 1.01% and the QQQ dropping 1.85% as investors prepare for various employment data releases throughout the remainder of the week.The first RollApp submission on Dymension was submitted by NIM Network, a gaming and AI-focused network. NIM is aiming to build the ultimate environment for AI games that create fun experiences for blockchain gamers. NIM will be the first RollApp leveraging Celestia’s data availability layer and be based on the EVM. The NIM token will be the network’s native token and will be used for transaction fees and staking. NIM announced their tokenomics, with 9% of the total supply being airdropped $DYM stakers (Genesis Rolldrop) and 41% allocated to th

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CRYPTO MARKET UPDATEBTC -1.77% IS BACK IN THE GREEN TODAY, RECLAIMING $70K FOLLOWING YESTERDAY'S DIP. ETF flows appear to be returning in full force, with another strong day of inflows, capping the largest 5-day period for inflows since mid-March. ETH -1.79% is down slightly on the day, consolidating around $3750 as investors await word from the SEC on ETF approval. ETH CME futures saw outsized volume yesterday as institutional investors showed interest...

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