Unpopular opinion --> We expect stable/rising prices. Setup for Bitcoin and crypto is "less bad" into the weekend = good.

May 28, 2021

STRATEGY: Crypto De-leveraging unlikely this weekend = stable/up pricesFor the past two weekends, Crypto and bitcoin prices tanked with regulatory crackdowns by China being the primary downside catalyst. And because crypto is so visible and potentially linked to equities, these sell-offs put many investors on edge.  However, in a break of the pattern, we think odds favor Bitcoin / crypto to be stable/higher over the coming Memorial Day weekend. Why? We think the setup into this weekend is incrementally "less bad" for Bitcoin.  And as Tom Luddy, Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Asset Management, has told me multiple times in my career --> "less bad is good"These are mostly "soft observations":- Crypto investors massive deleveraged over the past two weeks = "less bad"- Crypto investors anticipated weekend weakness, reduced risk over the past 36 hours = "less bad"- The technical picture for Bitcoin simply doesn't look as weak as it did two weeks ago = "less bad"- Crypto equities actually rose this week, and many show bottoming patterns -- think $SI $MOGO $MSTR $COIN = "less bad"The last point is somewhat notable.  Recall, these crypto equities were the first to fall, peaking 3 weeks ahead of Bitcoin's actual peak.  In fact, Bitcoin price began to...

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