BNB Chain Launches Rollup-as-a-Service Solution, Robinhood Reports Increased Crypto Trading Activity

Mar 14, 2024
Market Update A deluge of economic data was released this morning, including higher-than-expected PPI data, sparking a move higher in the DXY (+0.47%) and Treasury Rates. U.S. equities are showing modest declines, with the SPY decreasing 0.15% and the QQQ declining 0.07%. Crypto assets are faring worse, with $BTC (-1.60%) falling below $72k and $ETH (-2.79%) dropping to $3,900 despite yesterday’s successful Dencun upgrade. Although the majors are showing losses, there are still pockets of outperformance across altcoins, including $SOL (+6.57%) and its ecosystem’s corresponding memecoins $WIF (+22.1%) and $BONK (+5.19%). The WIF community has raised over $690k in less than four days to display the token’s mascot on the Las Vegas Sphere.BNB Chain has revealed a new rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) solution that will enable developers to easily launch new layer-2 chains within the BNB ecosystem. BSC is the third largest blockchain by TVL, with over $6 billion in TVL, and the new RaaS service should help drive further growth. Rollups are becoming increasingly prevalent within crypto, and easier deployments should enhance BNB’s scalability and cost-effectiveness. Any new L2s built via the RaaS will be connected via One BNB - an interoperability solution connecting BSC, opBNB, a

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CRYPTO MARKET UPDATEDESPITE YIELDS MOVING HIGHER, RISK ASSETS ARE GENERALLY FARING WELL TODAY. BTC 3.17% BRIEFLY MOVED ABOVE $67,000 AGAIN IN THE MORNING HOURS AND IS NOW HOVERING JUST ABOVE THAT LEVEL. ETH 2.55% remains in a holding pattern, trading around $3,000 as it awaits a likely denial from the SEC this week on spot ETFs. The ETHE 0.00% discount did compress slightly last week, possibly driven by longshot bets that the SEC...

MARKET COMMENTARYU.S. EQUITIES ARE RELATIVELY FLAT AS THEY CONSOLIDATE ABOVE PRIOR ALL-TIME HIGHS. THE SPX IS TRADING AT 5,300, AND THE NDQ IS HOVERING NEAR $18,600, WHILE THE DXY 0.00% (-0.07%) IS SHOWING A SLIGHT DECLINE, TRADING AT $104.4. Crypto assets are showing strength, with BTC 3.17% rising 2.84% to $67.1k and ETH 2.55% surging 4.86% to $3,090. Liquid staking tokens are building on Ether's outperformance, as LDO 3.32% and PENDLE 19.77% have gained 10.11% and 13.43%, respectively. Similarly, layer-2...

CRYPTO MARKET UPDATETODAY, WE ARE SEEING SOME MINOR CONSOLIDATION IN THE CRYPTO MARKET COINCIDING WITH THE SLIGHT BOUNCE IN THE RATES AND DXY 0.00% . BTC 3.17% is trading just north of $65k, while ETHBTC continues to struggle, with ETH 2.55% moving lower for the 5th consecutive day and still trading below the $3k mark. Despite the market consolidation, SOLBTC is still green on the day as SOL 6.80% works to regain the $160 level....

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