BTC Falls Amid Potential GBTC Redemptions, Larry Fink Targets ETH ETF Next

Jan 12, 2024
Market Update The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a downturn, falling 3% overall. Ethereum and select ecosystem projects are bucking the trend, with $ETH relatively flat in the last day, trading 0.2% lower at ~$2.6k and hitting a two-month high against Bitcoin as ETHBTC reaches 0.059. Outperformers in the top 100 include ETH NFT marketplace $BLUR (+8.7%), layer-two $OP (+6.8%), and ETH domain service $ENS (5.2%). In contrast, $BTC is noticeably underperforming, dropping by 5.7% to $43.4k following the debut of eleven Bitcoin ETFs. The first day of trading saw an extraordinary volume exceeding $4.5 billion. However, whether this represents new investments or simply a shift from GBTC remains unclear. Several brokerages are not yet facilitating trades of these ETFs, and others, like Vanguard, have decided not to support them in the future. Many investors are considering moving their assets elsewhere in response to Vanguard's decision. Equities are slightly lower today as investors digest fourth-quarter earnings and December PPI data. PPI unexpectedly fell 0.1% in December, contrasting hot CPI earlier this week and encouraging the falling inflation camp that last month's hot CPI could be a one-off rather than a trend reversal.  According to data from Arkham, Graysc

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MARKET COMMENTARYU.S. EQUITIES ARE RELATIVELY FLAT AS THEY CONSOLIDATE ABOVE PRIOR ALL-TIME HIGHS. THE SPX IS TRADING AT 5,300, AND THE NDQ IS HOVERING NEAR $18,600, WHILE THE DXY 0.00% (-0.07%) IS SHOWING A SLIGHT DECLINE, TRADING AT $104.4. Crypto assets are showing strength, with BTC -0.29% rising 2.84% to $67.1k and ETH -1.33% surging 4.86% to $3,090. Liquid staking tokens are building on Ether's outperformance, as LDO -2.05% and PENDLE -3.65% have gained 10.11% and 13.43%, respectively. Similarly, layer-2...

CRYPTO MARKET UPDATETODAY, WE ARE SEEING SOME MINOR CONSOLIDATION IN THE CRYPTO MARKET COINCIDING WITH THE SLIGHT BOUNCE IN THE RATES AND DXY 0.00% . BTC -0.29% is trading just north of $65k, while ETHBTC continues to struggle, with ETH -1.33% moving lower for the 5th consecutive day and still trading below the $3k mark. Despite the market consolidation, SOLBTC is still green on the day as SOL -0.90% works to regain the $160 level....

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