Tether’s $500m Mining Investment, Aave’s Rebrand and Expansion Plans

Nov 17, 2023
Market Update Stocks are lower today but still on pace to close three straight weeks of gains. The S&P fell 0.1%, while the Nasdaq lost 0.25%. Softer-than-expected inflation data has buoyed equities, but the question is whether investors have seen enough to continue the momentum. Yields were mixed as the 2Y gained 1%, the 10Y was up 0.5%, and the 30Y fell 0.11%. The 2Y and 10Y rates briefly touched lows not seen since they began their recent climb in late September. $BTC (-1%) and $ETH (-4%) are lower, with Bitcoin trading at $35.9k. Today is the SEC's last day to approve Franklin Templeton's bid for a spot Bitcoin ETF. If the SEC wishes to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF without giving any issuer an unfair advantage, they would approve all ETFs concurrently. If Franklin Templeton's bid is delayed, the next opportunity to do so would be January, which would be a final decision date for many applicants. $TIA has continued to outperform since its airdrop, leading the top 100 on daily and weekly gains at 7.37% and 150%, respectively. Celestia is the first modular blockchain focused on data availability, which decouples execution from consensus. While the approach is unproven, bullish investors believe this model can unlock new possibilities for developers using existing smart contract i

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