Crab Season

Apr 29, 2022 • 7 Min Read

Weekly Recap

This week’s price action left much to be desired by those trading in either direction as most major cryptoassets continued to exhibit sideways price action. After briefly falling below $38k on Tuesday, $BTC found a bid and has since recovered, sitting around $40k at the time of writing. Similarly, $ETH is below $3.8k but recovered alongside bitcoin and is once again challenging the $3k level. The rest of the crypto market followed this pattern, but its recovery has lagged. It is clear we are in the midst of a full-fledged crab market[1].

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Bitcoin did outperform more speculative alts this week, as web3 and DeFi sectors dipped more than 6%, while currencies fell a mere 1.8%. As discussed, this environment is challenging for altcoins and will continue to be until the macro clouds start to clear.

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Catalyst Check – Adoption in Central Africa & Central America

In recent weeks, we have become slightly more risk-averse than usual, primarily due to the impending actions of the Federal Reserve and the near-term uncertainty that it brings risk assets. Thus far, this choppy price action is in line with our expectations for this calendar year, so we are not overly concerned.

This week, several events beyon...

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