Digital Assets in A Post-Cycle World

Feb 3, 2022 • 2 Min Read

Our 2022 Digital Assets Outlook presentation covered topics relevant to the current trends and narratives that we typically monitor in the weekly reports. Because of this, we are sending out the presentation for this week in place of the usual weekly format.

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Click HERE for the full copy of this report in PDF format.

On Tuesday, we held our 2022 outlook call. Some of the major highlights include:

A discussion of the significant developments within crypto in 2021 and how they impact the industry's immediate future. Many digital asset investors fear an impending crypto winter. We think that there is sufficient evidence that these fears are remnants of an old paradigm.Historically, crypto has waxed and waned in four-year cycles centered around supply constraints resulting from the Bitcoin halvening. We posit that the four-year cycle is no longer the best way to measure bull and bear crypto markets but rather inflows and demand for blockspace.An often-overlooked element of investing in BTC is the variable liquidity of the market, as some wallets are less likely to liquidate holdings than others. Bitcoin's current supply dynamics can best be described as a powder keg.Bitcoin's current valuation metrics point to a strong buying opportunity c...

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