Uniswap Receives Wells Notice, Bitfinex Announces Tokenized Capital Raise in El Salvador

Apr 11, 2024
Market Update U.S. equities are finding some relief following this morning’s PPI data, showing both MoM and YoY figures coming in under expectations. The SPY has risen 0.14% to $515 and the QQQ has gained 0.66%, exceeding $441. After showing resilience in the face of yesterday’s equity sell-off, crypto markets are underperforming today. $BTC (-0.95%) is trading just under $70k and $ETH (-1.03%) is holding around $3,500. Bittensor ($TAO) is one of the top performers over the last 24 hours after Binance listed it on its exchange, representing one of the first major exchanges to offer access to one of the leading AI tokens. Before the Binance listing, investors needed to bridge funds to the Bittensor network or buy a wrapped version of TAO on Ethereum, presenting additional hurdles and risks.Uniswap Labs received a wells notice from the SEC yesterday, informing them that the regulatory body plans to pursue legal action against Uniswap, likely for offering unregistered securities on its platform. The SEC continues to warrant that most tokens are securities and believes most of crypto should fall under the SEC’s regulatory umbrella. In a post titled “Fighting for DeFi,” Uniswap presented its case, arguing that whether or not all tokens on Uniswap are securities or not, tr

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