SEC Pursuing "Energetic" Campaign to Deem ETH a Security, Blackrock Unveils Tokenized Fund on Ethereum

Mar 21, 2024
Market Update U.S. equities rose following yesterday’s FOMC meeting, where Chair Powell struck a dovish tone and the committee'sdot-plot showed no meaningful revisions to rate cut expectations this year. The SPY (+0.33%) and QQQ (+0.44%) closed at record highs, surpassing $520.48 and $445.61, respectively. Crypto assets displayed a strong bounce following Powell’s comments yesterday but have since pared some gains. $BTC (-4.08%) is trading at approximately $65.1k and $ETH (-2.27%) is hovering near $3,250. Despite negative headlines surrounding Ethereum (more below), $ETHBTC has gained 3.49% in the last two days, bouncing off the 0.05 mark. RWA-related tokens are outperforming over the last 24 hours, gaining 33% as Blackrock’s first tokenization fund on Ethereum has sparked a positive buzz about the sector's future.According to a Fortune report, the SEC is allegedly going on an “energetic legal campaign” to declare Ethereum as a security. The SEC has not verified the claims, but it would align with their lack of engagement with ETF issuers surrounding pending applications. The SEC has been investigating the Ethereum Foundation surrounding Ethereum’s shift to a proof-of-stake network in 2022, which enabled users to stake ETH tokens in return for rewards and governance

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CRYPTO MARKET UPDATEBTC -1.70% IS BACK IN THE GREEN TODAY, RECLAIMING $70K FOLLOWING YESTERDAY'S DIP. ETF flows appear to be returning in full force, with another strong day of inflows, capping the largest 5-day period for inflows since mid-March. ETH -1.53% is down slightly on the day, consolidating around $3750 as investors await word from the SEC on ETF approval. ETH CME futures saw outsized volume yesterday as institutional investors showed interest...

CRYPTO MARKET UPDATEDESPITE YIELDS MOVING HIGHER, RISK ASSETS ARE GENERALLY FARING WELL TODAY. BTC -1.70% BRIEFLY MOVED ABOVE $67,000 AGAIN IN THE MORNING HOURS AND IS NOW HOVERING JUST ABOVE THAT LEVEL. ETH -1.53% remains in a holding pattern, trading around $3,000 as it awaits a likely denial from the SEC this week on spot ETFs. The ETHE 0.00% discount did compress slightly last week, possibly driven by longshot bets that the SEC...

MARKET COMMENTARYU.S. EQUITIES ARE RELATIVELY FLAT AS THEY CONSOLIDATE ABOVE PRIOR ALL-TIME HIGHS. THE SPX IS TRADING AT 5,300, AND THE NDQ IS HOVERING NEAR $18,600, WHILE THE DXY 0.00% (-0.07%) IS SHOWING A SLIGHT DECLINE, TRADING AT $104.4. Crypto assets are showing strength, with BTC -1.70% rising 2.84% to $67.1k and ETH -1.53% surging 4.86% to $3,090. Liquid staking tokens are building on Ether's outperformance, as LDO -7.23% and PENDLE -6.08% have gained 10.11% and 13.43%, respectively. Similarly, layer-2...

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