Crypto Daily Report – April 19

Apr 19, 2022
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Most Important Daily
Data and News for Digital Assets

Crypto Daily Report

The Most Important Daily
Data for Digital Assets

Daily Updates from FSInsightApril 19, 2022
  • After a week of flat to down price action, the global crypto market is showing strength and is up 3.85% over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin is up 4.2%, while Ethereum is slightly underperforming Bitcoin, up about 4%. Outside of the two largest digital assets, smart contract platforms like SOL (+5.2%) and LUNA (+9.7%) are outperforming the broader market, highlighting a move further out on the risk curve by crypto investors. As we've highlighted in previous weeks, funding rates on BTC perpetual futures contracts remain flat, indicating traders have still yet to make high conviction bets to the upside or downside.
  • Yesterday, three US government groups including, the FBI, US Treasury Department, and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), alerted the crypto community to the growing threat of North Korean hackers. The cybersecurity advisory said that CISA (part of the US Department of Homeland Security) has observed that North Korean state-sponsored hacking groups are focusing their illicit efforts on the crypto community, specifically targeting individuals known to work at crypto companies. The alert comes a week after the US Government named Lazarus, a known North Korean hacking group, as the group behind the recent $600 million Ronin hack. The Ronin hack, which targeted the chain supporting the popular Play-to-Earn game Axie Infinity was the largest crypto hack in history.
  • Australia's first bitcoin ETF is expected to launch next week on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Interestingly, the ETF will take a unique approach to provide investors exposure to spot BTC by not accumulating BTC at spot but rather accumulating shares in Canada's Purpose Bitcoin ETF, North America's first BTC spot ETF. Cosmos Asset Management, the fund manager, is owned by Nasdaq-listed bitcoin mining company Mawson Infrastructure Group.
Daily Technical Strategy - Mark Newton, CMT

Solana's outperformance today looks to continue following SOLUSD's push higher to the highest level on a daily close in more than a week. SOL daily charts show Tuesday's minor breakout above a one-week period of consolidation which from a structural perspective looks important and positive. SOL's pullback from early April retraced nearly an exact 50% of the prior low to high range from late February before starting to stabilize recently. This week's surge now likely follows-through to short-term targets at $113.36, then $119. While short-term momentum has gotten overbought on intra-day charts, daily RSI remains in neutral territory, and looks to be just starting to turn higher. Overall, much of the recent Crypto bounce might depend on Equities also following through, which might prove difficult outside of a small bounce. Yet near-term stabilization looks to be giving way to short-term rallies and for SOLUSD, gains look likely until/unless this were to breach $101 which would postpone the rally.

Daily Important Metrics


Crypto Daily Report – April 19

Crypto Size  Bullish Signal

Bullish signal is tied to the crypto market growing

Market Cap $1.90T +$70B (+3.85%)

BTC Dominance   41.02% (+0.14%)

Stable Coins   Bullish Signal

Increase in circulating stablecoins is a Bullish signal

In Circulation $83B (+0.08%)

In Exchanges $7.3B (+1.54%)

Stablecoin Supply Ratio  Bearish Signal

Ratio between Bitcoin supply and the supply of stablecoins, denominated in BTC

SSR 4.80 (2.85%)

SSR Oscillator -0.8942 (-8.42%)

Funding Rate   Bearish Signal

Positive funding rates indicate traders are Bullish

Bitmex 0.0075% (-163%)

Binance 0.0100% (-376%)

BTC Metrics Bullish Signal

A decrease in Bitcoin on exchanges is bullish, indicates investors are moving coins to cold storage

# BTC in Exchanges 2.4M (-0.07%)

Futures CME Bearish Signal

A positive spread between Futures Prices and Spot Prices is Bullish

BTC Price $40,935 (4.37%)

Spot Basis   $-54.19 (-0.13%)

Volume 6,734 (100%)

Open Interest  10,877 (1.02%)

Options CME No Signal

Higher open interest change in a bull market is bullish for the sector

Volume 72.00 (2,300%)

Open Interest 1,562 (2.97%)

Calls CME Bullish Signal

Calls Volume 32.00 (967%)

Calls Open Interest 404 (8.31%)

Puts CME Bearish Signal

Puts Volume CME NaN (0.00%)

Puts Open Interest 1,158 (1.22%)

All metrics as of April 19, 2022 8:39 AM
Crypto Prices
SymbolMarket CapLast PriceDaily ChangeYear to DateRelative to BTC YTD
Our Deep Research Projects

All prices as of April 19, 2022 8:39 AM

Exchanged Traded Products (ETPs)
SymbolPremium to NavLast PriceDaily ChangeYear to DateRelative to BTC YTD

All prices as of April 19, 2022 8:04 AM

SymbolMarket CapLast PriceDaily ChangeYear to dateRelative to BTC YTD

All prices as of April 17, 2022 8:00 AM

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CRYPTO MARKET UPDATE Despite rates moving lower today, the DXY is surging higher due to weak economic data from Europe. This is a major driver behind the move lower in crypto, with BTC 0.35% breaking below $67k, ETH 0.68% finding support around $3500, and SOL 0.74% hovering near $152 after bouncing off $150 this morning. Investors are treading carefully ahead of tomorrow's CPI and FOMC announcements, where headline inflation is expected at 3.4%...

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