Crypto Daily Report – December 15

Dec 15, 2021
body div center ul, body div center li { font-size: 22px; margin-left: 10px !important; margin-right: 0 !important; Most Important Daily Data and News for Digital Assets Crypto Daily ReportThe Most Important Daily Data for Digital Assets Daily Updates from FSInsightDecember 15, 2021Yesterday, the crypto market recovered about half of its Monday losses, rebounding 2.5% over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin is up 1.8%, putting its price tag at $47,750, and Ethereum is up 1.4% at $3,820. The past month and a half has been a battle between the bears and the bulls, where we've seen 6 instances in which the entire crypto market cap has dropped more than 3%, but recovered by almost that same amount within the next day or two. However, the overall negative trend has made it appear as though bearish sentiment is winning in the near term, which is reflected in the fear and greed index.CoinMarketCap, a popular crypto database, had an incident around 4:00pm EST yesterday where coin prices for all coins listed were multiple orders of magnitude higher. This glitch was fixed quickly, but many on social media did not hesitate to call out the incident in which Bitcoin became the 5th largest coin by market cap, and Ethereum soared to the top spot with a price of $479 billion per ETH. We personally enjo

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CRYPTO MARKET UPDATE DESPITE BEING THE LAUNCH DAY FOR ETH ETFS, CRYPTO BROADLY MOVED LOWER IN THE EARLY MORNING HOURS TODAY, POSSIBLY DUE TO MOVEMENT OUT OF THE MT. GOX TRUSTEE WALLETS. Mt. Gox sent approximately $130 million in BTC to Bitstamp, leaving about 90k BTC remaining in the trustee wallets. This move lower was likely also influenced by a rise in the DXY. Currently, BTC is trading around $66.5k,...

CRYPTO MARKET UPDATE U.S. EQUITIES ARE CONTINUING THIS WEEK’S SELL-OFF, WITH THE SPY -2.07%  AND QQQ -3.27%  BOTH DECLINING APPROXIMATELY 0.28%, WHILE THE DXY AND TREASURY YIELDS INCH UPWARDS. In contrast, BTC is moving sharply higher, trading at $65.8k, with rumors circulating that former President Trump will unveil plans to add Bitcoin as a strategic reserve at next week’s Bitcoin conference. ETH is trading at $3,450 ahead of potential S-1 approval after...

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