Crypto Daily Report – November 24

Nov 24, 2021
body div center ul, body div center li { font-size: 22px; margin-left: 10px !important; margin-right: 0 !important; Most Important Daily Data and News for Digital Assets Crypto Daily ReportThe Most Important Daily Data for Digital Assets Daily Updates from FSInsightNovember 24, 2021The crypto market is still in a back-and-forth where one day's losses are made up for by the next day's gains, and vice versa. Bitcoin is down 0.1% and Ethereum is up 3.0% over the past 24 hours, and the overall market is down 0.5%, but early morning momentum is leaning negative for the day.Yesterday, India announced that it was going to consider a bill that would "prohibit all private cryptocurrencies." It is rumored that this is being done in advance of India rolling out its own CBDC, so that the ban would prevent the possibility of private cryptocurrencies undermining the Rupee, India's native currency. There is an interesting divergence occurring where some developing countries are embracing crypto as a means of advancing into the future of finance, while others are attacking it as a threat against economic and financial sovereignty.As we near the season of giving, it is reported that Fidelity Charitable, the largest public charity in the US, has received over $270 million via Bitcoin and Ethereum

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CRYPTO MARKET UPDATE THE CRYPTO MARKET MOVED HIGHER IN THE EARLY MORNING HOURS AND IS NOW CONSOLIDATING POST-US MARKET OPEN. BTC -1.42% once again challenged the $65k level and is currently sitting just below it, following the ninth consecutive day of net inflows for BTC -1.42% ETFs. ETH -0.14% is showing outsized strength, likely due to ETF issuers filing their final documents yesterday afternoon, with the ETF launch expected on Tuesday (more on...

CRYPTO MARKET UPDATE AS EXPECTED, BTC -1.42% AND THE WIDER CRYPTO MARKET MOVED LOWER ON THE NEWS THAT THE MT. GOX TRUSTEE HAD TRANSFERRED BTC -1.42% OUT OF THE TRUSTEE WALLETS TO PARTNER EXCHANGES. However, the market has since rebounded, with BTC -1.42% pushing $65k after touching $62.5k in the early morning hours. ETH -0.14% has also rallied, though it is slightly lagging despite the upcoming launch of ETH -0.14% ETFs next Tuesday. ETF flows...

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