CeFi Resurgence

Jan 19, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Weekly Recap

Crypto private markets have seen a flurry of activity the past two weeks, with 45 deals announced, raising $329m. Deal activity fell to 19 deals this week, down from last week’s 26. Funding doubled to $221m from $107m the prior week. Nearly half the funding this week came from Hashkey Group, which raised $100m at a hefty $1.2bn valuation. Haskey is a major digital assets financial services provider in Asia, with licenses from Hong Kong, where it launched the first licensed virtual asset exchange app. Interest in CeFi seems to be picking up again, comprising $176m of the total $221m raised this week. The category was largely neglected by investors last year, as the sting of blow-ups from FTX and Celsius, among others, led to investors seeking opportunities in other verticals. Yet, with the launch of the Bitcoin ETF and growing demand for institutional-grade service, CeFi funding could see a resurgence.

Web3 & NFTs have also seen elevated activity, with nearly one-third of the deals in the last two weeks. We define the category as general dApps or anything comprising digital ownership, digital economy, identity, IoT, and NFT collections. It is essentially an umbrella term for leveraging blockchain outside its most common use cases of financialization or co...

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