Multi-chain Rollups and Modularity

Jan 5, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Weekly Recap

Only $4m in crypto funding was announced this week due to a combination of activity slowing down over the holidays and teams opting for undisclosed funding terms. Although funding fell from $68m last week, deal activity remained constant, with eight deals compared to the previous week’s nine. Infrastructure and Web 3 & NFTs were the two most funded categories, with three deals each. Two major emerging trends were visible in this week’s infrastructure deals: modularity and the evolving BTC ecosystem. Our deal of the week, Gelato, closed a Series A extension as they look to grow their Rollup-as-a-Service offering. With Celestia’s continuing bullish price action and Dymension’s ($DYM) airdrop being announced this week (another aspiring Rollup provider), it's clear investors are beginning to bet on a modular future. Nubit, one of our selected deals, expands on a modular architecture and applies it to Bitcoin, relying on the leading network for its security while focusing on data availability like Celestia. Given Celestia’s success thus far in liquid markets and ongoing experimentation to evolve Bitcoin’s ecosystem, we expect both modularity and Bitcoin-focused projects to continue the momentum in private and public markets. 

Funding By Ca...

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