Record new VC funds, more SPACs, and IPOs

Nov 19, 2021 • 7 Min Read

Key Takeaways

  • New Venture Capital funds raised an aggregate $2.76 billion this week. Gaming projects raised $13.5 million in capital, while Ethereum-based building companies raised $250 million this week. Bitcoin mining company Bitdeer will go public via a SPAC valued at around $4 billion. Iris Energy is a Bitcoin mining company that went public via an IPO and upsized its offering to be valued at roughly $1.5 billion at the time of going public.

  • Deal of the Week: ConsenSys, the creator of MetaMask wallet has successfully raised a strategic funding round of $200 million at a $3.2 billion.

  • Active investors this week include Alameda Research, Sino Global and Mechanism Capital.

Venture Capital Deals

Fracture Labs is a blockchain video game developing company. Their acclaimed game called Decimated is a multiplayer survival game that was awarded the best blockchain game at the 2019 Crypto Games Conference. The Company has raised $3.5 million from investors like Alameda Research, Huobi Ventures, Spartan Group, Mechanism Capital, among others. Fracture Labs raised $4 million via a private token sale in October 2021. Blockchain-based games have been investors’ biggest bet in 2021, as the play-to-earn (P2E) sector has grown tremendously. (Blockchain Gaming Developer F...

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