Jul 11, 2022 • 9 Min Read
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Everyone in crypto has heard of airdrops. Anyone who’s anyone, however, has actually received them. Upon receipt of a highly anticipated airdrop, the pang of dopamine from the financial implications and being rewarded for participating in the digital economy does urge one to wonder:

“Rekt pepe, what exactly are airdrops? Are they free money? Where do they come from? What are they for? Ser, we know DeFi farming alfalfa is dissipating, so wad[1] do in the bera[2] markets?’ a fellow DeFi Digest farmer calls out in a distance.

Fret not, fellow farmer, as we will share airdrop farming strategies that may prove superior to liquidity pool yield farming in the bera markets. As farmers, we need to acknowledge these changing liquidity dynamics (resulting in depressed gross yields), and re-strategize accordingly to optimize future portfolio gains.

Airdrops refer to the retroactive distribution of native tokens (both fungible and non-fungible) to users based on criteria set by projects. While the specific conditions and thresholds may differ from one project to another, they often share the common objective of rewarding early users and supporters of projects, an...

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