Zero-Knowledge Technology

Mar 7, 2023 • 10 Min Read

What is Zero-Knowledge Tech?

Zk (zero-knowledge) technology is one of the most interesting technologies in crypto and can potentially be very useful in situations that require privacy and security. Zk-tech increases privacy by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs to enable one party to prove to another party that something is true without revealing any information beyond the fact that it is true. For example, imagine you have a secret code you don't want to show to anyone, but you need to prove to someone else that you know the code to access a secure system. With zk-technology, you can prove that you know the code without revealing the code itself.

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This is done by using complex algorithms to generate a "proof" that the statement is true without revealing any information about how the proof was generated. The other person can then verify the proof and be sure that the prover does, in fact, know the code without actually knowing what the code is themselves.

To qualify as a zk-proof, it must satisfy three properties:

Completeness: if the statement is true, an honest prover will convince an honest verifier of this fact.Soundness: if the statement is false, it is impossible for a dishonest prover to convince an honest verifier that it is true (in most ci...

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