Social Tokens

Dec 7, 2022 • 9 Min Read

Introduction to Crypto Concepts: Crypto is a unique asset class that blends macro, venture capital, and deep tech expertise. With that in mind, Crypto Concepts are thematic research pieces that discuss emerging topics or concepts in the digital asset industry. These notes are meant to serve as educational pieces that provide context to any strategic insights provided in other products.

What are Social Tokens?

Social tokens are a category of digital assets that allow a broad array of entities to develop and manage relationships with their respective communities. Social tokens offer benefits to both content creators and consumers. Creators can pull future revenues forward via token issuance, potentially add additional revenue streams via unique token models, and engage their fans in a new way. At the same time, token holders can benefit from exclusive perks, content, and potential financial gain if their token appreciates. 

Traditionally, the average person would have few ways of tying themselves to their favorite sports team or TikTok influencer beyond passively consuming their content. Social tokens open a new investment medium for those looking for an easily accessible direct link to creators and communities. Social tokens can be used to bet on the success of...

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