LayerZero Partners with Google Cloud, Banana Gun's Token Launch Fails

Sep 12, 2023
Market Update The U.S. Equity market is declining today as investors await the August CPI data, which is set to be released tomorrow at 8:30 AM EST. The S&P 500 has fallen 0.21%, while the Nasdaq 100 is faring slightly worse, dropping 0.67%. The crypto market is showing strength today, with $BTC (+3.75%) squeezing back above $26k and $ETH (3.21%) rising above $1,600. As Bitcoin moves higher and optimism around a spot ETF approval grows, the discount to NAV of GBTC continues to shrink. It currently sits at 17%, its lowest level since 2021, as Franklin Templeton is the latest asset manager to submit a spot Bitcoin ETF application. Similarly, ETHE’s discount has compressed to ~25% ahead of a slew of spot and futures-based ETF applications.Layer Zero Labs, the developer of cross-chain messaging protocol LayerZero, has announced its partnership with Google Cloud. Google Cloud’s oracle will serve as the default oracle for LayerZero, meaning they will be responsible for validating and securing all messages within LayerZero. Similar to how Google verifies SSL certificates to ensure website validity, the Google Cloud oracle will act as the “https” of cross-chain messaging. Although Google’s oracle will be the default, developers can still integrate other verifiers into their

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