Crypto Daily Report – November 28

Nov 28, 2022
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Bitcoin (BTC -0.12% ) continues its stellar week, rising 9.02% to surpass the $62k mark and bring it within 11% of its all-time high. ETH -0.28%  has gained 5.43% today, exceeding $3,400, a level not seen since April 2022. Meme coins are outperforming today, with PEPE, DOGE 17.98% , and WIF gaining 21.63%, 19.07%, and 23.25%, respectively. The strong moves across various names have squeezed shorts, with over $209 million in short liquidations in the...

Bitcoin surged higher yesterday evening during Asian market hours, climbing from $54.8k to reach $57k. This increase followed a day of impressive inflows into spot BTC -0.12%  ETFs. ETH -0.28%  has taken a backseat for the time being, currently trading slightly above $3.2k. STX -6.04%  is performing well, up over 6%, but other recent market leaders are lagging. It appears that flows have shifted towards more speculative corners of the market, with memecoins...

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