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Web3 & Gaming Attracting Investors’ Interest

Mar 24, 2023 • 4 Min Read

Total funding rose from $124 million last week to $247 million this week, with nearly two-thirds represented relatively evenly between Web3 & NFTs and Metaverse & Gaming. 53% of the deals this week were seed rounds, comprising 32% of the total funding. One of the larger deals this week comes from OP3N, a Web3 AI-powered platform described by its CEO as, “a Web3 version of WhatsApp meets Amazon.” OP3N allows influencers to interact with fans via NFT-gated experiences while providing accessible wallet infrastructure for end users. The $28 million Series A deal was led by Animoca Brands and included investment from other notable names such as Dragonfly Capital and Galaxy Digital.

Two token sales were completed this week (one private and one public) by Radix and Aavegotchi. Radix completed the private sale, raising $10 million solely from one of its previous investors, DWF Labs. The new fundraising round values the layer-1 network at $400 million. The public token sale comes from Aavegotchi, a popular metaverse game, raising $30 million without participation from venture capital or private investment firms.

Deal of the Week

This week's Deal of the Week is CCP Games, which raised $40M in a seed round led by a16z with participation from Makers Fu...

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