Boba Network: A Multichain Layer 2 Focused on Gaming

Oct 4, 2022 • 2 Min Read

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Executive Summary

Growing demand for Layer 1 block space. Through 2021, the demand for Ethereum block space has exploded on all metrics. Post-merge, Ethereum will attempt to scale via execution layers, while alternate Layer 1s might continue gaining market share on different use cases.Bridging Web 2 to Web 3 with Hybrid Compute. Boba’s hybrid compute technology brings the decentralization of Web 3 to the compute power of Web 2, while possessing distinct advantages over incumbent Layer 2 networks. Beyond latencies unlocked in gaming, hybrid compute can incorporate real-world data into other verticals such as NFTs and DeFi, leveraging blockchain technology to disrupt incumbents in traditional industries.Becoming the first multichain Layer 2 focused on gaming. Boba’s Hybrid Compute allows existing gaming studios to execute games off-chain while settling financial value on-chain. This positions BOBA well to accrue value from games built atop its network. So far, the Boba team has built infrastructure that connects Web 2 to Web 3 through the Turing Upgrade, with integrations with other Alternate Layer 1s to come.Preliminary performance shows semblance of a budding network. After the airdrop to OMG holders, Boba has ...

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