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Actionable trade ideas to consider for your portfolio

Periodically, Mark will release technical trade ideas that are actionable. These are thought to represent some of the best risk/reward opportunities available at the time that take into consideration a combination of trading signals emanating from Mark's vast toolkit of technical indicators. These will be derived 100% from Technical analysis and will not consider the fundamentals of the underlying company. Mark will provide both long and short trade ideas along with a timeframe which these should move to their respective targets. In addition, stop levels are often provided for those who wish to use stops to limit downside risk in the event the stock or ETF fails to move in the intended direction.
Generally speaking, these ideas are thought to represent shorter-term tactical opportunities which should materialize in the following four-to-six week timeframe and hopefully longer. Having a firm understanding of the timeframe at work is a crucial part to this idea generation, but as a basic practice, these are considered “Position and/or Swing Trading” ideas and not daytrades, nor 1-2 year investments typically. Most are expected to reach targets in the coming weeks/months, and stop out levels are often utilized both on price as well as a time perspective.
On occasion, Mark's tactical time frame for these ideas might cause idea generation that directly contradicts the long-term view of other Research heads. As discussed, given the difference in methodology and time-frame, taking advantage of a short-term directional move which directly goes against the longer-term trend might not be appropriate to some investors with a long-term approach. These are thought to represent speculative type positions which have an excellent risk/reward and normally will occur in only very liquid investments.
For this reason it is of extreme important that subscribers continue to conduct their due diligence, practice excellent risk management and evaluate if the idea proposed fits their risk profile and time horizon.

COMING SOON - Stay tuned for the release of Mark's Trade Ideas