Signals From Noise

Highlights a company that is considerably different than its peers with an in-depth analysis of the company’s financials, future objectives, market positioning and possible outcomes

When Volatility Smiles At You, Smile Back

Volatility is a crucial tool we use in our evidence-based research. We walk you through how we used volatility in our analysis to infer 2021 would be a good year for equities and also in selecting which sectors, like Energy, we thought would do best in the past year. The...

Microsoft ($MSFT:$313.88): What’s At The Top Of The Cloud?

Key Takeaways: Microsoft needs little introduction, it is the second biggest company by market-cap in the world and has been one of the leading harbingers of the information age. It has several advantages vs other FAANG. Microsoft qualifies for more themes in our  Granny Shots portfolio than any other stock....

  • Signal from Noise
December 23, 2021

Year-End Signal From Noise Wrap-Up

Key Takeaways We dive into some of our Signals from 2021 to check in on how we feel about the prospects of these companies heading into 2022. Our favorite three areas for 2022 are Healthcare, FAANG and Epicenter. We also still like Energy, particularly in 2H when we think the...

  • Signal from Noise
December 16, 2021

S&P Global ($SPGI, $476.83): A Titan of Data Is Born

Key Takeaways S&P Global ($SPGI) is one of the “big three” rating agencies and is an established and leading provider of financial data solutions. US Regulators have just conditionally approved a merger with IHS Markit. We believe this is a bullish catalyst, and savings from synergies may be underestimated by...

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