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Thomas J. Lee

Head of Global Portfolio Strategy & Asset Allocation


Former J.P. Morgan Chief Equity Strategist from 2007 to 2014. Top-ranked analyst by Institutional Investor every year since 1998.

Signal From Noise

Signal From Noise is our weekly column where we try to bring timely investment ideas to our clients and subscribers. We are not a sell-side research firm, so we do not provide continuous coverage of these names. Nor do we provide price entry and exits due to the very diverse nature of those who consume our research.

We use this column to explore our broader macro research through the story of individual stocks or sectors. At the same time, many research teams may provide simple stock recommendations. These articles are designed with education in mind. We want to walk you through our thinking of why we like particular names to demonstrate the robust analytical process that should be undertaken before buying any stock or ETF.

We urge you not to purchase names from this list immediately but rather to use our articles as the beginning point of your research process. As we’ve mentioned, we find it impractical to set entry and exits for individuals because we’re not apprised of your individual risk tolerance, goals, and investment time horizon. Therefore, we focus on relative valuation and convergence with significant themes and trends that we anticipate will greatly affect markets.


Signal from Noise

Released Weekly

Highlights a company that is considerably different than its peers with an in-depth analysis of the company’s financials, future objectives, market positioning and possible outcomes

How To Use Signal From Noise

  • Not a direct buy/sell signal.
  • A "Signal from Noise" sheds light on companies that appear to have superior metrics over their peers and may offer greater opportunity for alpha.

Generally, we will try to highlight a name from one of our existing stock lists. However, we also choose names not highlighted anywhere else from time to time. We find highlighting an individual name helps crystallize the macro insights we try to impart to those who consume our research. We aim to teach valuable insights and lessons through these articles that will be useful for investors. Even if we are wrong in the short term about the stock we highlight, which inevitably sometimes happens, we aim to make the articles valuable insights that will at the very least take folks on a deep analytical dive that enhances their knowledge.

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