Bitcoin SV: BSV Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for big data applications

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BSV is the native token of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. The BSV blockchain uses a public software protocol derived from the Bitcoin codebase. BSV has restored certain Bitcoin technical protocol features to target use cases that require massive scaling. One key adjustment BSV implemented was removing any default limit on block size. The approach is designed to enable higher throughput and lower transaction fees, allowing developers to build applications that send micropayments (even fractions of a U.S. cent) for user activity, and data-rich enterprise and consumer decentralized applications (“Dapps”) with the BSV blockchain serving as the underlying public infrastructure. 

The BSV ecosystem also seeks to create a “Metanet” that uses BSV’s micropayment and big data capabilities to power a better, more commercial Internet where users’ online activity and data can be monetized through the BSV blockchain and digital currency (rather than having users rely upon today’s “free” online and social media services that trade upon selling consumer data); A crucial step in establishing the Metanet as a widely used protocol layer is enterprise adoption, which the BSV ecosystem has been working towards since launch. BSV companies have been building Blockchain-as-a-Service (“BaaS”) infrastructure platforms to simplify the process of deploying applications on the network to increase adoption. 

  • Transitioning Big Business to Web 3.0: The Internet’s (“Web 2.0”) current centralized infrastructure facilitates a data oligopoly in which a few large players (“Big Tech”) control many of the access points and much of the value accretion of Internet-native applications. As an alternative, blockchain developers are constructing decentralized Web (“Web 3.0”) approaches that aim to offer users the ability to control, authorize access to, and monetize their own data – because the data can be stored or managed on the BSV blockchain, and users can be rewarded in small BSV micropayments for their data.
  • Approaching Blockchain Big Data Applications: BSV is one of the 3 main Bitcoin source code chains (a split from the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain, which itself split from the BTC codebase) but the BSV and BTC networks are going after very different use cases. BSV is positioning itself as a Web 3.0 platform upon which Dapps and enterprise data applications are built that can store data directly on the main blockchain layer (efficiently, for low fees) due to its unbounded block size cap. This approach has trade-offs but is unique relative to other blockchains as it allows for certain types of big data applications that may not be well-suited for other networks. 
  • BSV Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) Infrastructure Solutions: To help make app development and enterprise adoption of BSV simpler, BSV companies have been working towards developing infrastructure and tooling for the network. At a high level, the BSV Metanet is an infrastructure layer that organizes the storage of and access to all types of data on the public BSV blockchain. The base layer BSV blockchain can serve as the underlying ledger for middleware tooling for developers as well as end-user applications for both consumers and enterprises.  
  • Early But Interesting Applications Emerging: BSV has seen businesses across a number of industries including logistics, healthcare, and financials implement applications on its blockchain network. Some examples we discuss in this report include (1) Domineum (Page 19), a company that will push e-government services, cargo tracking, real estate title, and other data transactions to the BSV blockchain, (2) Transmira (Page 20), a location-based XR platform blending AR & VR, (3) Veridat (Page 21), a platform for data integrity, first focusing on data generated by the pharmaceutical industry’s clinical trials, (4) MatterCloud (Page 25), a BSV infrastructure solution for developers to implement payments, transaction storage, and smart contracts, and (5) DotWallet (Page 26), a digital wallet allowing users to access and use BSV and other digital assets, and an infrastructure platform to make it easier for developers to build with the BSV wallet .   
  • Controversial History is a Risk But Crypto Maturing & Maximalism Fading: We recognize that there is a subset of the crypto community that does not have a favorable view of certain BSV supporters and the BSV coin or anyone who associates with it as an extension. We are not here to take a stance on the associated controversy beyond saying that building a community around any crypto network is critical for success, and the extent to which polarization does or does not limit BSV adoption will be key. We are seeing shifting views in the crypto industry where new participants are more open to different tech trade-off’s (i.e. BSC) and communities (i.e. DOGE) and a new wave of retail Robinhood investors who may not know or care as much about BSV’s prior controversies. How this will unfold is a risk to consider. 

Bottom Line: We think that BSV is taking a unique technological approach to its network and that people are building real applications on it. Emerging BSV BaaS infrastructure is being constructed to make adopting the blockchain easier. If the community can move beyond its early reputational criticisms and increase adoption, this would bode well for the network’s future. 

Key slides from this report… 

Cover Page (Slide 1)…

Bitcoin SV: BSV Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for big data applications

BSV Blockchain Overview (Slide 3)…

Bitcoin SV: BSV Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for big data applications

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) (Slide 6)…

Bitcoin SV: BSV Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for big data applications

BSV’s Metanet Empowers Users To Take Control Of Their Data (Slide 12)…

Bitcoin SV: BSV Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for big data applications

BSV’s Existing Application Landscape (Slide 16)…

Bitcoin SV: BSV Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for big data applications

BSV’s Blockchain Scalability to Handle More Data (Slide 29)…

Bitcoin SV: BSV Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) for big data applications

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